Our robotic cameras range from small cameras suitable for a confined booth to larger robos used with full size broadcast cameras. Many of our robo cameras are customized to suit the individual setup of each show, where they are able to fit certain housings, or are RF controlled, or controlled over fiber, or are right around the corner.

Our robotic camera system, known as Marvin, enables our clients to deliver original, creative, and more engaging content—in a reliable, cost-effective, and consistent manner. We understand that each broadcast has to be as visually appealing as possible to capture and hold the audience’s attention.

Our Marvin system has established itself in broadcast sports as a versatile performer offering new possibilities for producers and directors.

With our optional IP-based module, Marvin can be operated from anywhere in the IP-linked universe, with controls that will be immediately familiar to any camera operator.  Furthermore, the system is designed to be delivered on-site in a manner that requires exceptionally little set-up.