From gopher to poker, Inertia Unlimited provides the most  innovative POV cameras. We  provided the hole card cameras at the 2003 World Series of Poker (WSOP) which by large measure started it all.

Our robotic cameras range from small cameras suitable for a confined booth to larger robos used with full size broadcast cameras. Many of our robos are customized to suit the individual setup of each show, where they are able to fit certain housings, or are RF controlled, or over fiber, or right around the corner.

X-Mo Blue is a streamlined, user friendly system created by Inertia Unlimited utilizing Vision Research’s Phantom series cameras. There are few major sporting events in the world which haven’t used the X-Mo system.

Don’t know what you need? Not sure whether it exists? Want a suggestion about a solution you might not be aware of? Contact us about a custom solution!




Sports broadcast is at the heart of our business. There is nothing as thrilling to us as the challenge of providing the fun, creative and unique camera angles for the biggest sporting events in the world and engaging tens of millions of viewers in the action.

While we are best known for our specialized HD and 4K high-speed camera systems (X-Mo), specialty POV cameras (Gopher Cam, Dirt Cam, Ref Cam), and numerous robotic and custom camera configurations, the most important thing to know about us is that we never stop innovating.  Our engineering team is constantly working on developing new technology, as well as improving our established systems, used on countless sports, in partnership with most of the major broadcasters in the world.


Inertia Unlimited has trained technicians with deep backgrounds in television production that know how to provide the technology and support to help you with the creative challenges that are unique to every television, commercial or film project.

Bring us your creative ideas, technical challenges, or seemingly impossible concepts for your production, and we can offer you a variety of solutions within your budget.

We know that downtime is costly for our clients and we pride ourselves on providing fully tested and dependable systems no matter how large or small. We also provide support for our systems 24/7/365.


There are thousands of different applications for high-speed imaging in today’s manufacturing environment. From product design and testing, to ensuring that manufacturing equipment is running as efficiently and accurately as possible, the reasons for obtaining high frame rate video data for analysis are countless.

Our ultra high-speed camera systems can record split second phenomena at high frame rates, and then replay the images as a slow motion video for your team’s analysis. In addition, our engineers have decades of experience, and can bring a significant amount of creativity and innovation to address your needs. We offer both short and long-term rental solutions, as well as sales of select systems.


  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Equipment design/testing
  • Impact analysis
  • Product testing, setup and changeovers
  • Production line acceleration and
  • Maintenance/troubleshooting
  • Food manufacturing
  • Mechanics and Thermodynamics
  • Safety assessment