From Gophercam to pokercams, Inertia Unlimited provides innovative POV cameras. We were one of the innovators, providing the hole card cameras at the 2003 World Series of Poker (WSOP) which by large measure started it all. The movie “Lucky You” starring Robert Duval, Eric Bana and Drew Barrymore recreated the scene from the 2003 WSOP and some of our staff even appeared in the movie, playing ourselves.

More recently, Gophercam, a US patented highlight angle on NASCAR broadcasts, and Dirtcam (a.k.a. Diamondcam) starred in the MLB All Star Game and World Series as a 2mm high RF HD remote controlled camera. No other cameras available anywhere are allowed in those events in the middle of the field of play.

Other POV cameras which have gained high visibility are NFL Umpcam, NHL Goaliecam, HBO Refcam, Olympic POV’s, car racing POV’s, and even Chew View (one of our favorites at the annual Nathan’s hot dog eating championships).

Most recently, we have developing a cool little RCP for many small POV cameras, allowing them to be controlled like a much larger camera. Our goal is to take the special out of specialty cams.